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Female Narcissist

Women Can Be Narcissists | Clearing Misconceptions of Gender and NPD

Men I know and work with often ask me, can a woman even be a narcissist? Popular psychology has pushed the notion that narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) is primarily a male condition, but that what most people believe about narcissism is false. So, can women be narcissists?Read More →

Narcissist Ex (NEX)

Definition of a Nex Husband, Wife, Girlfriend, or Boyfriend

In online circles I often see people discussing their nex without defining what exactly that means. Here is a quick definition for anyone wonder exactyl what a NEX is:Read More →


Narcissist Rage Eyes | Dark Eyes, Dead Eyes, and More

Many victims of narcissists often report that their abusers have a strange or even demonic aspect to their gaze. This article will uncover evidence of the narcissist's exceptional stare and what it means to you.Read More →

When Narcissists Regret Discard

Do Narcissists Ever Regret Their Discards

Narcissists have a habit of quickly moving between relationships: courting, manipulating, and then discarding their prey. It is natural for those who have suffered discard to wonder if a narcissist ever regrets their decision to throw us away.Read More →

How to Make a Narcissist Addicted to You

Guaranteed Ways to Make a Narcissist Addicted to You

Some clients wonder why they always seem to attract narcissists. That has a lot to do with the way that you act. Whether you want a narcissist in your life, or want to learn how to get away, here are five things you do that makes narcissists addicted to you.Read More →

Not Let a Narcissist Get to You

Ways to Not Let a Narcissist Get to You

Narcissists have an exceptional ability to push our buttons, make us mad, and draw us into their emotional drama. To live with them, heal from them, and overcome them, we must learn how not to take their bait. Here is how you react to a narcissist, so they don't get to you.Read More →

Ways Narcissistic Bosses Destroy Morale

Nine Ways Narcissistic Bosses Destroy Morale

Working under a narcissistic boss is always a trial. Research has shown that while managers are more likely to be narcissists than the general population, teams run by narcissists tend to be less effective. Here are nine ways that a narcissistic boss is sabotaging your team's effectiveness and morale.Read More →

Taking Responsibility in the Face of Narcissism

Taking Responsibility in the Face of Narcissistic Abuse

The essential action that most people miss when overcoming a narcissist is taking radical responsibility for their actions. While so many coaches, therapists, and counselors emphasize the emotional effect of what has been done to you, few leverage the power of what you can do for yourself.Read More →

The Narcissists Prayer

The Narcissist's Prayer

The Narcissist's Prayer is a powerful message that exposes the mind of a narcissist in a clear and succinct way. Making the rounds frequently on forums and Facebook groups for victims of narcissist's, this is the narcissist's prayer and what it means.Read More →

Quote Narcissistic Gaslighting

Best Quotes about Narcissistic Parents

Fun and shareable quotes and meme text photos about narcissistic parenting.Read More →

Narcissist Pretending Nothing Happened

Dealing with a Narcissist when They Pretend Nothing Happened

One common but infuriating tactic of narcissists is that they suddenly act like everything is fine after a big fight, blow up, or significant abuse on their part. How do you deal with a narcissist pretending nothing happened?Read More →

Fake Empath Covert Narcissist

Why Narcissist Pretend to be Empaths and What to Do About It

In spiritual or new age groups, I've found there are inevitably numerous I've found there are inevitably numerous narcissists who have infiltrated the community claiming to be an empath, healer, or guru in spiritual or new-age groups. Here is how why they do this, how you recognize these false sages, and what to do about it.Read More →

How to Scare a Narcissist Away

How to Scare a Narcissist Away

People often ask, what can I do to scare away the narcissist in my life. Scaring a narcissist isn't very difficult if you know their weak spot. Here are four practical ways to scare away a narcissist.Read More →

Living with a Narcissist Roommate

Tricks for Living with a Narcissist Roommate without Going Crazy

Living with a narcissist is never an easy task. While things can start great, over time, they infringe on your personal space, cause drama, steal, or even make false accusations against you. In this article, I'll share my experience of overcoming a narcissistic roommate.Read More →

How to Make a Narcissist Obsessed with You.jpg

Making a Narcissist Obsessed with You

For those of us that love a narcissist and want to keep them interested, you have to throw traditional notions about romantic love and bonding out the window. None of these work with a narcissist. Instead, this is how you make a narcissist obsessed with you.Read More →

How to Make a Narcissist Respect You

Secrets to Making a Narcissist Respect You

If you are a boss, coworker, contractor, friend, or neighbor of a narcissist, you might wonder what you can do to maintain a cordial, professional relationship with them. Narcissists don't react to people the same way that ordinary people do and require a different approach. Here is how you make a narcissist respect you.Read More →

Narcissistic Money Obsession Greed

Narcissistic Obsession with Money: Greed and Power

If you have a narcissist close to you, you have probably noticed their strange obsession with money. They might seem greedy or generous, but they use their cash against you either way.Read More →

Stalking Neighbor Narcissist

What to Do When Your Narcissistic Neighbor is Stalking You

Narcissists make the worst neighbors when they have decided to start a vendetta against you. You may have done nothing, and there is nothing that you can say to convince them to stop tormenting you. Here is how you deal with a narcissistic neighbor who stalks you.Read More →

Newsletter for Victims of Narcissists

Support for Victims of Narcissists Newsletter

Need help overcoming narcissistic abuse in your life. This newsletter provides the encouragement and support that you need to get through the tough times and live the empowered life that you were meant to live.Read More →

Borderline vs Narcissist Couple

Why Narcissists are No Match for Borderlines

People with borderline personality disorder naturally attract narcissists. Yet, there is a clear winner in this complimentary personality pair of toxic people. This is why narcissists are no match for borderlines.Read More →

Gray Rock Method Overcoming Narcissism

Gray Rock Method & What To Do When It Doesn’t Work

One way to deal with narcissistic coworkers, bosses, acquaintances, classmates, and other toxic people you can't avoid is the gray rock method. Learn how to use this simple technique and what to do if it doesn't work for you. So what is the gray rock method?Read More →

Nicknames Narcissists

Why Narcissists Call You Names and What to Do About It

Clients and victims of narcissists that I have spoken with all seem to have the same experience of being called names by their narcissistic abuse. Whether cute pet names or profoundly abusive insults, name-calling fit right into a narcissist's mode of operating. Here is why narcissists ts call you names.Read More →

Four Me

The “Four Me’s” Introspection Method for Narcissistic Abuse Recovery

Self-knowledge or introspection is the first and most important first step to overcoming abuse from narcissists. Yet, so many people get this step wrong or skip it altogether, leading to failure. In this post, I'll share a fool-proof introspection technique that I developed to overcome my own experience with narcissism.Read More →

Journaling to Heal from Narcissistic Abuse

The Biggest Mistake People Make When Healing from Narcissism

When I was removing from narcissistic abuse from an ex-girlfriend, I made the huge mistake that almost everyone makes. This mistake prevented me from overcoming the trauma of narcissistic abuse. But then I found the key to healing from traumatic experiences, which I want to share with you today.Read More →

how to drive a narcissist mad

How to Drive a Narcissist Crazy

When dealing with a narcissist, sometimes we have to flip the script and make them just as mad as they make us. Luckily, if you know what you are doing, it is easy to get the upper hand over people with narcissistic personalities. Here are nine things that drive a narcissist crazy!Read More →

How to Go No Contact with a Narcissist

How to Go No Contact with a Narcissist & Make It Out Alive

In many narcissistic relationships, the only solution to end long term abuse involves going no contact. This means cutting off all communication for a period of time to allow healing on the victim's part. Here is how you successfully go no contact with a narcissistic abuser.Read More →

Why Some Narcissists Smell and Don

Why Some Narcissists Don’t Bath or Clean Up

One surprising fact about narcissists is that some of them don't take care of themselves, rarely bathing or cleaning up after themselves. How is it that a self centered narcissist can also have so little regard for their hygiene?Read More →

Quote Narcissistic Liar

Best Quotes about Narcissistic Liars

This pages catalogs the best quotes about narcissistic liars. Great for emotional support, social posts, or background wallpapers for your phone.Read More →

Annoyed Narcissist

How to Annoy a Narcissistic Person | 16 Ways to Make Them Mad

Sometimes, it's nice to be able to get under a narcissist's skin. Luckily, pissing off a narcissist is easy if you know what makes them angry. Here are 16 ways to annoy a narcissist.Read More →

Cutting Off Contact with a Narcissist

What Cutting Off Contact Does to a Narcissist

When you leave a narcissist, they involuntarily go through a cycle of loss and coping, which has the potential to be extremely destructive. Before you make a move away from the narcissist in your life, be sure you understand what to expect. Here is what happens when you cut off contact with a narcissist.Read More →

Makeup Wearing Narcissist

Does Wearing Makeup Make Someone a Narcissist?

The classic image of a narcissist is a woman decked out in expensive makeup. But, does makeup use indicate narcissism? Found out what the research says.Read More →

Love Triangle Narcissistic Boyfriend Narcissistic Girlfriend

Why Narcissists Adore Building Love Triangles

Those of you who have experienced the pain that I've felt dating a narcissist may wonder why they always seem to be one corner of a narcissistic love triangle. Rather than feeling bad about cheating, narcissists feel empowered by having multiple lovers. Here are the reasons why narcissists constantly build love triangles in their lives.Read More →

Narcissist Parents Mother and Son

Narcissist Parents Question and Answer 2

Advice for people with narcissistic parents or bystanders of children with narcissistic parents. Answers to five commonly asked questions about narcissism in relationships between narcissistic fathers and mothers and their sons and daughters.Read More →

Narcissistic Parent Question and Answer

Narcissistic Parent Question and Answer

Is your father or mother a narcissist? Here are five commonly questions asked by children of narcissistic parents with answers.Read More →

How to Make a Narcissist Panic

9 Ways to Make a Narcissist Panic that Work Every Time

When I was working my way out of a narcissistic business or personal there were times when I needed to throw my abuser off balance. Other times, I needed to know what to avoid to prevent a blowup. Narcissists have clear and decisive triggers, making them easy to control if you know the trick. Here are nine ways to throw a narcissist into a panic that work every time.Read More →

What Happens when a Narcissist Loses Control

This Happens When a Narcissist Loses Control

One of the dangers of dealing with a narcissist is that they tend to lash out when they feel they are losing control of a situation. In my life and work with clients, I have seen how disastrous narcissistic tantrums can be. Here are nine ways that a narcissist might act when they lose control.Read More →

Levels of Narcissism

The Five Levels of Narcissism with Examples

While we often talk about narcissists as if they are a completely different species, the fact is everyone is a little narcissistic now and again. But, are you or your loved ones too narcissistic? Here are the levels of narcissism, from healthy to dangerous, to help you determine what is normal and what isn't.Read More →

How to Frighten a Narcissist

How to Frighten a Narcissist

Narcissists live a life driven by subconscious fears that motivate all their destructive behaviors. Whether you want to know how to control a narcissist or how to avoid their trigger points, here are nine things that frighten narcissists deeply.Read More →

Narcissist Client and How to Work with Them

Working Successfully with a Narcissistic Business Client

In business, we can't always choose the clients that we serve. Providing services to a narcissist is never easy. But since the rate of narcissism increases as you go up corporate hierarchies, all successful business will run in to a narcissistic client at some point. Here are nine tips to develop a successful working relationship with a narcissistic client.Read More →

Managing a Narcissistic Subordinate

Managing a Narcissistic Subordinate without Exposing Yourself

Narcissistic employees are a challenge to motivate, and often present a professional risk to their supervisors. From my experience managing narcissists and executive coaching clients with narcissistic employees, here is how you deal with a narcissistic subordinate directly.Read More →

A Narcissistic Liar

Narcissistic Liars & How They Use Lies to Control You

Many victims of narcissists who tell me their story wonder if anything their narcissist is actually true. Let me share with you the real truth about narcissistic liars.Read More →

Narcissist Catch Phrases Things Narcissists Say

Catchphrases Used by Narcissists | Real Life Examples from Victims

Narcissists all tend to say the same kinds things. These are their catchphrases that the develop to protect themselves and push their agenda. Overtime I have collected this list of common phrases the me and my clients have heard from narcissists in our lives.Read More →

How to Checkmate a Narcissist

How to Checkmate a Narcissist and Stop Them in Their Tracks

Are you ready to put a narcissist in their place and stop their endless head games? I've dealt with numerous abusive narcissists over the years. And, here are nine of the most effective ways I've found to shutdown a narcissist.Read More →

Examples of a Narcissistic Employee

Most Common Examples of a Narcissistic Employee

Narcissists in the workplace take a multitude of roles. Here are nine of the most common types of people who you may not have realize are narcissists.Read More →

Korean Narcissist Mother Helicopter Parent

Surviving a Narcissistic Korean Mother | Beating Helicopter Parenting

Korean mothers are renowned for their strict discipline and the relentless way they drive their children to succeed. Many children report long term trauma because of this helicopter parenting style. But, how do you know if you Korean mother is actually a narcissist, and what do you do about it?Read More →

How to Supervise a Narcissist Employee

The Secret to Supervising a Narcissistic Employee

When you have a narcissist employee under your supervision, it is a tricky dance that you have to do, to get the best out of them. I have seen that narcissists can be the best employees on your team, or the worst, depending on how you manage them. Here is my secret to supervising narcissistic employees.Read More →

Know It All Narcissist

Telling Between a Narcissist and Know It All

We all know people who are too smart for their own good, and need to show everyone just how much they know. But, are these know-it-alls people dangerous narcissists?Read More →

Narcissist Serial Killers

List of Narcissistic (Serial) Killers

While we attribute many heinous crimes to psychopaths, researchers have found many such killers to exhibit traits of narcissistic personality disorder as well. Here are some of the most famous murderers, serial killer, and mass homicides attributed to be a known narcissist.Read More →

Jobs Professions Preferred By Narcissists

The 11 Jobs Preferred by Narcissists | Be Careful of These Professions

One of the reasons I spend so much time teaching clients how to overcome narcissism, is because narcissists tend to gravitate toward key professions, where they can do the most damage. Here are 11 of the jobs most likely jobs to be held by a narcissist.Read More →

Jealous Narcissist Sister

Living with a Jealous Narcissistic Sister

All narcissistic sisters are jealous of their sibling, especial other girls, and try to make their life a living hell. Worst of all, they try to make you think you are crazy for feeling that they are attacking your. Here are nine signs that your of a jealous narcissist sister to deal with.Read More →

Narcissistic Family Structure

Narcissistic Family Structures | Identifying and Overcoming Toxic Families

When we are part of a narcissist family, it can be hard to tell that what we are experiencing isn't normal. Narcissist parents create a family structure that keeps us helpless and feeling like we are the problem. Here is what defines a narcissistic family structure.Read More →

Coping with Narcissistic Employees

How to Cope with Narcissist Employees | Managing Difficult Personalities

Managing a narcissistic employee can be both difficult to get right and extremely rewarding. But, if you give them too much leeway, they can cause endless troubles in the workplace. Here are nine tips for coping with narcissistic employee, and our 5 step method for making a narcissist your all-star employee.Read More →

Narcissistic Insults

Narcissistic Insults | 10 Most Common Examples

Narcissists are adept at using insults to hurt you and get their way. I've experienced more than my fair share of narcissistic insults in my time. Here are the 10 most common types of narcissistic insults that I have encountered, and what to do about them.Read More →

Narcissistic Hypocrite Lying Mask Wearing False Face

Why All Narcissists are Hypocrites

Narcissists can be astoundingly hypocritical. Narcissists I have dealt with in my life just blow me away with how they can say one thing, and then do another with absolutely no regret or embarrassment. That's why I've written this article to help clients overcome narcissistic hypocrisy.Read More →

Narcissistic Father Checklist Narcissist Parent Identification

The Narcissistic Father Test | A 15 Point Checklist for Identification

Have you ever wondered if your dad is a narcissist? Many clients wonder if their dad truly has a problem, or if they are just imagining things. That's why I developed this bullet proof test. Here is your checklist to identify a narcissistic dad:Read More →

The Narcissistic Stare and How it Controls You

How Narcissists Use Their Stare to Control You

If you are around a narcissist long enough, you will eventually experience the narcissistic stare. This is an extremely unsettling gaze that I didn't quite understand the first time I saw it. Let me fill you in what I've come to learn about this stare of death.Read More →

Hero Complex in Narcissist

Why Narcissists Always Have to Be the Hero

Is someone you know pretending they have military service, public service, or a medical career that you know is false? Does someone create disasters only to come and sweep them up. You may have a narcissist with a hero complex on you hands.Read More →

Narcissistic Family Triangulation

Triangulation in Narcissistic Families

Triangulation is a tactic used by narcissist family members to devastating effect. I've seen how harmful it can be in relationships between mothers, fathers, brothers, and sisters. Let's talk about triangulation abuse when you have a narcissistic family member.Read More →

Narcissists and Karma

Narcissistic Karma | When Do You Get Justice or Revenge

Narcissists always seem to come out of bad situations without remorse or punishment for their abuse. Why doesn't their karma catch up with them? After spending hundreds of hours researching the origins of narcissism and working with victims of narcissists, I think I found the link between narcissism and karma.Read More →

How to Coach a Narcissist Employee

Coaching Narcissistic Employees | Effective Methods and What to Avoid

Coaching a narcissist employee is a difficult task because they find it difficult to accept and act on well meaning advice. But, they can also be your most valuable employee, well worth the effort to learn how to mentor them effectively. Let me share with you my experience effectively coaching narcissist employees.Read More →

How to Manage Narcissistic Employees

What Everyone Gets Wrong About Managing a Narcissistic Employee

Narcissist employees have a way of making themselves very useful if not indispensable to an organization. Having managed narcissists in the past, I've seen them practically take over organizations, where management isn't wary of the games they play. So, how do you manage a narcissistic employee?Read More →

narcissist coworker sabotage

9 Ways Your Narcissist Coworker is Sabotaging You

Narcissistic coworkers sabotage you in many subtle yet effective ways. You may not even realize that they are hurting your career, until it is too late, unless you know what to look for. Here are nine ways I've seen narcissists sabotage their coworkers in both my experience and stories I've heard from clients.Read More →

How to Deal with a Narcissistic Coworker

How to Deal with Narcissistic Coworkers

Working with a narcissistic can make your work life terrible with their constant manipulation, back stabbing, and seeking out ways to take you down. Here are the best ways to counter a narcissist at workRead More →

Triangulation Tactics of Narcissistic Boss

Triangulation and the Narcissistic Boss | How They Lie and Get Away with It

Triangulation is one of the favorite tactics of a narcissistic boss, which they use to confuse and control their employees. In my time, I've seen triangulation used to devastating effect multiple times. Are you experiencing narcissistic triangulation at work? Here is how you deal with it.Read More →

Tactics of a Narcissist Boss

Top 10 Tactics Used by a Narcissist Boss

Working for a narcissist boss is never easy. I spent many years working for narcissist bosses, before I realized the harm that they were doing. Here are 9 tactics that I've seen used by narcissist bosses to control their employees.Read More →

Jezebel Historic Narcissist Bible Christian Story

Why Are Narcissist Jezebels | Bible Stories, Spirits, and Historic Narcs

Ancient symbol of corrupt femininity and evil influence, Jezebel is a biblical character that many consider to be the archetype of narcissism. Does the spirit of Jezebel inhabit modern day narcissistic women?Read More →

Justification of Narcissists Excuses

What is Narcissistic Justification | Spot Excuses from a Narcissist Liar

To victims of narcissists, it may seem crazy how they are able to constantly provide excuses their their behavior. But, narcissistic justification follows a consistent pattern that once you know you can use to your advantage. Here are seven justifications used by narcissists.Read More →

Boss Silent Treatment Manager Shush

When Your Narcissist Boss is Giving You the Silent Treatment

When you are an employee of a narcissist boss, being given the silent treatment is a terrifying thing. Stone walling, the cold shoulder, no matter what you call it, it is a form of narcissistic manipulation. Here is what you need to know when your boss is ignoring you.Read More →

Narcissist Christian Leader

Escaping Narcissistic Christian Leadership | At Work and at Church

Narcissist gravitate to positions of power, and christian church leadership is no exception. While we like to think of pastors, preacher, priests, and elders as doing the work of god, some are putting themselves before God. Here is how you identify and escape narcissistic church leadership.Read More →

Narcissist Second Marriage

Why Narcissists Get a Second Marriage

Narcissists frequently have divorces and get remarried? Why would a narcissist do this. Can you expect them to get better? Here is how a narcissist handles a remarriage.Read More →

Christian Narcissistic Mother In Law

Help! My Mother-in-Law is a Christian Narcissist | Save the Relationship

No one's in-laws are perfect, but there is almost nothing worse than a narcissistic christian mother in law. In my experience they seem like such nice people on the outside. But as you get to know them, the depths of their psychological manipulation have no bounds. Here is how you deal with a christian narcissist mother-in-law.Read More →

Narcissistic Coworker Ignoring You

Why You Narcissist Coworker Is Ignoring You & What To Do About It

The silent treatment is a tactic of control and manipulation used by narcissistic coworkers in order to dominate you. Here's what it means when a narcissistic worker ignores you, and what to do about it.Read More →

Narcissistic Christian Counseling How To Overcome

Directory of Christian Counseling for Narcissists and Victims

Looking for help overcoming a narcissist or narcissism in your life? I've accumulated the largest directory of places to get help, including in person christian counseling and online christian counseling.Read More →

Narcissistic Christian Mother How To Overcome

Dealing with a Narcissistic Christian Mother | Beating Toxic Religion

Those raised in a toxic household under the rule of a narcissistic christian mother had a particularly difficult childhood experience. Because religious narcissists have somewhat different traits than non-religious varieties, I'll explain here how to deal with a christian narcissist mother.Read More →

Narcissistic Cycle of Abuse

Understanding the Narcissistic Cycle of Abuse | Breaking the Chain

Abusive narcissists follow a predictable pattern of emotional states. Understanding these ups and downs is key to overcoming narcissistic abuse and short circuiting thee the narcissistic abuse cycle.Read More →

Narcissistic Christian Boss

So Your Boss is a Christian Narcissist | Overcome Weaponized Religion

Christian narcissists are difficult to work for because they see themselves as saviors of everyone around them, but in actually cause endless trouble. If you think you have narcissistic christian boss on your hands, here is how you deal with them.Read More →

Disciplining a Narcissist Employee

How to Discipline a Narcissistic Employee | On Leading Narcissists

Narcissists are notoriously difficult to manage, yet tend to be star employees. Disciplining a narcissist using typical management methods will often not have the desired corrective effect, and may cause the narcissist to poison the work environment. Here is how you discipline a narcissist effectively.Read More →

Narcissist Boss Love Bombing

Narcissist Boss Love Bombing | How to Spot It and Combat A Narcissist

Love bombing is a common manipulation tactic that I have experienced from narcissistic bosses as a means of controlling workers. When we think of narcissists, most people don't associate over the top praise, and so this portent technique goes unnoticed. Here is how you spot and counter love bombing from your narcissistic boss.Read More →

Borderline Narcissistic Parent

When Your Parent is a Borderline Narcissistic | Signs and Impact

A particularly potent combination of psychological traits is the borderline narcissistic parent. There isn't much material out there on how to deal with a mother or father with both conditions, which is why I thought it was important to explain how to overcame borderline narcissistic parents ---Read More →

Narcissistic Boss Abuse Hierarchy Of Power

Signs Your Narcissist Boss Is Abusing You | & What To Do About It

Narcissistic bosses are everywhere, and with the majority of CEOs having narcissistic traits, they will likely still be there for years to come. Here are 16 signs of narcissistic boss abuse, and what to do about them ---Read More →

A Narcissistic Christian Husband

What to Do with a Narcissistic Christian Husband | Love Overcomes Evil

Narcissistic husbands can be easy to love early in the relationships, being --- extroverted, externally self-confident, and socially adept. The challenge is to love them through all of their faults. Here is how you maintain a relationship with a christian narcissistic husband ---Read More →

Damage Due to Christian Counseling

Overcoming Damage Due to Narcissistic Christian Counseling

Christian counseling is a mix between religious and secular counseling the brings in a God-centered point of view. However, if you are unlucky enough to have a run in with a narcissistic christian counselor, you are likely to come out of therapy more damaged than when you started. Here is how you overcome narcissistic christian counseling.Read More →

Narcissistic Boss Gaslighting

The Gaslighting Narcissistic Boss Employee's Survival Guide

Narcissistic bosses are always difficult to deal with, and one of their most effective tactics is gaslighting. Where they make you think you are going crazy and try to make you question reality. Here is how you deal with a gaslighting narcissistic boss ---Read More →

How To Fire A Narcissistic Employee

Firing a Narcissistic Employee | Protecting Yourself and Your Business

Firing a narcissist is a pivotal but potential dangerous process for any business. Having seen how much damage a narcissist can do on the way out of a position, I've acculturated all the information available on firing a narcissist in to this article.Read More →

Narcissist Christian Parent With Children

For Victims of Narcissistic Christian Parenting | Learning to Love Again

For those of us born in to a narcissistic christian household, it can particularly difficult to recover from narcissistic parental abuse. Interweaving of narcissistic cooping and religious teachings make it difficult to know what is real and what is imagination. This is how you deal with a narcissistic christian parent.Read More →

The Best Narcissistic Boss Quotes

Best Quotes About Narcissistic Bosses

Working for a narcissistic boss can get anyone down. Here are some of the best quotes on the net, that always make me feel better after I look at them.Read More →

How to Manipulate a Narcissistic Boss

How to Manipulate a Narcissistic Boss | Antinarcissism Employee Tactics

For many years, I worked directly with a narcissistic boss who made my life heck. Eventually, I developed these techniques to overcome his narcissistic personality. Here is how I manipulated my narcissistic boss.Read More →

How to Spot a Vulnerable Narcissist

12 Signs of A Vulnerable Narcissist | Spot Them Before They Harm You

In my time working with victims of toxic people, I have found the vulnerable narcissist to be by far the most difficult to spot. Because they hide it so well, vulnerable narcissists can be hard to deal with. Here are nine ways you can spot a vulnerable narcissist in you midst.Read More →

How to Overcome a Narcissistic Boss

How to Overcome a Narcissistic Boss

When I first worked for a narcissistic boss, their destructive tendencies came as a shock. It was a struggle to learn how to work with them, but I was eventually able to succeed in that business, and make my way to a better work environment. These are the three techniques that I used to overcome toxic leadership.Read More →

Overcoming A Judgemental Narcissist

Dealing With a Judgmental Narcissist | Everyday Signs of Passive Aggression

In my experience narcissists very frequently use judgment as a weapon. Knowing the difference between honest criticism and aggressive, but veiled, judgment from narcissist parents, family, romantic partners, and coworkers is essential to overcoming. Here is how you overcome judgmental narcissists.Read More →

Psychopaths and Narcissists Face Masks

Are Psychopaths and Narcissists Really Refusing to Wear Face Masks?

Does refusing to wear a face mask make someone a narcissist? Or a psychopath? With recent research in the news let's take a look at what the sensationalists won't tell you. And, what it really means to be around toxic people in medical crisis.Read More →

15 Fake Apologies Used By Narcissists

15 Fake Apologies Used By Narcissists

Narcissists are rarely, if ever, able to acknowledge when they have done wrong by others. While everyone makes mistakes sometimes, narcissists are compelled to use strategies to mask their guilt, and shift the blame to others. Here are 15 fake apologies I've seen used by narcissists, along with examples of each:Read More →

Narcissism in Relationships

Narcissism in Relationships | What it Means to Love a Narcissist

Do you love a narcissist, be wonder if what if what you are feeling is real or healthy? Narcissist can be extremely manipulative and are experts at confusing their victims, making it hard to know if it's your fault or theirs. Here is what narcissism in relationships means for everyone involved.Read More →

How to Deal with a Narcissist Parent

How to Deal with a Narcissistic Parent | Healing When There Is No love

When one or more of your parents is a narcissist, it can be extremely difficult to overcome their manipulation and lack of love. Here is my personal experience, and that of a coaching others through this, how you can deal with a narcissist parent in your life.Read More →

Why Some People are Narcissists

Why Some People are Narcissists | How One Gets a Narcissistic Personality

You may wonder, why are some people narcissists? As the parent of a narcissistic child or partner to a narcissist, can you be at fault? Here is what we know about how narcissism is developed in an individual.Read More →

Signs of a Narcissist

Signs of a Narcissist | 21 Behaviors of the Classical Narcissist

Ever wondered if you might have a narcissist on your hands, or even be a narcissist yourself. After spending years observing the behavior of narcissists, here are 21 common habits of the narcissist, and one bonus.Read More →

Am I the Narcissist Dog

How to Tell If You Are a Narcissist | One Sure-Fire Test Better than Any Quiz

If you have had the realization that you might be a narcissist, then congratulations on your honesty. It can be extremely difficult for a true narcissist to be able to see or acknowledge it in themselves. Let's skip the endless lists, and I'll get right to the heart of what I've noticed to be the key identifier of a true narcissist.Read More →

A Malignant Narcissist

How to Recognize a Malignant Narcissist | In Plain English

There's a lot of psycho-babble out there obscuring the core truth of what it means to be a malignant narcissist, a particularly dangerous form of narcissism. From my personal experience, this is what defines an malignant narcissist.Read More →

My Mother is a Narcissist

Help! My Mother is a Narcissist | Surviving a Narcissistic Caregiver

No one likes to think that their own mother might be a toxic person, but an unrecognized narcissistic mother can do a lot of damage to their children. Having experienced a narcissistic mother firsthand, I'd like to share with you tactics for identifying and surviving life with a narcissist mother.Read More →

Recognizing a Narcissist

Recognizing Narcissistic Behavior | Unexpected Signs of a Narcissist

Narcissist behavior can be hard to spot if you don't know how. None of the narcissists I have known fit in to the fascinated by their own reflection mold of Greek myth. Here is the best way I have found to identify real narcissistic behavior.Read More →

Signs of an Abusive Narcissist

Uncovering Abusive Narcissists | Signs & Symptoms of Toxic Love

Narcissists employ varied and creative means to torment their targets. Victims often don't notice or mistake the signs that they are in a toxic relationship. From my own experience and client stories, this is how you tell if you have an abusive narcissist on your hands.Read More →

Traits of a Narcissist

What It Really Means to Be a Narcissist | A Bystander's Perspective

We can all read the dictionary definition of narcissist. But as someone who has faced narcissists in my own life, I know it isn't always obvious when the people we love suffer from this affliction. That's why I wrote this article, to help you sort out what it really means to be a narcissist from a bystanders perspective.Read More →

Signs of a Covert Narcissist

Tell-Tale Signs of a Covert Narcissist | A Fool Proof Test

Covert narcissists are everywhere. It took me a long time to identify them in my life, and I had to suffer their hidden abuse for many years until I learned how to handle them. Over time, I figured out this one fool proof test to find the covert narcissists in my life.Read More →