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Narcissist Rage Eyes | Dark Eyes, Dead Eyes, and More

Many victims of narcissists often report that their abusers have a strange or even demonic aspect to their gaze. This article will uncover evidence of the narcissist’s exceptional stare and what it means to you.

Narcissist Predatory Stare

It is prevalent for narcissists to be described as looking predatory or having “wolf’s eyes.” One woman describes her narcissist lover as:

“I knew there was something wrong with him from the beginning, but he was a masterpiece of hooking in, so intelligent and elegant. I could see in his look a very ‘predatory’ stare. I don’t know how to describe it, but told anyone I knew he would break me into pieces but that I was willing to take it consciously and discover his true colors when the moment came.”

It is a truism that the eyes are the windows to the soul, but this saying is apt. Narcissists spend much of their time faking emotion and playing roles to appear successful and get people to like them.

What the victim described in the passage above was seeing a little bit of this veil slip. It is challenging to disguise emotions in the eyes. What she was seeing was a bit of the narcissist’s real motivation slip through, the desire to control, manipulate and own you for their purposes.

A massive tell of a liar and narcissist is that their eyes’ emotion doesn’t match the feelings of their face. Incongruence between the features is common even among narcissists skilled at deception.

Narcissist Dead Eyes

Another experience that victims of narcissist describe is seeing the narcissist stare. This stare is a cold hard dead look that a narcissist uses to intimidate and control you.

Giving this stare lets you know that they have no feeling for you, no remorse for what they have done or will do to you and that you are nothing to them. For more info, see my previous article on the subject of the narcissistic stare:

How Narcissists Use Their Stare to Control You

Narcissist Black Eyes

A rather strange phenomenon that some victims of narcissists describe is seeing their abuser’s eyes turn black. Here are two victim’s stories:

“…my ex-boyfriend grabbed me, and then he proceeded to put his hands around my neck, and he started to strangle me by pressing on my windpipe, and I couldn’t get him off me. His eyes were BLACK, and I heard my son on his phone to the police and screaming at ex-boyfriend to get off me. I passed out.”

“I was stunned at what I saw… Her eyes were black, like the narcissists’ secret boss, the devil. Like a predator looking at its prey.”

Is the narcissist eyes turning black a genuine phenomena? In my experience, narcissist’s eyes don’t turn physically black. What these people are seeing is likely a visual manifestation of a psychic perception of the narcissist’s intentions.

The subconscious language is symbolism, and so dream imagery is present in religious and other powerful artwork throughout history. In dire situations, our subconscious may speak to us directly through the use of visual imagery.

Dark eyes are a universal sign of evil and serve as a powerful warning to stay away from someone that means us harm.