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Does Someone In Your Life Make You Want to Scream?

Secret psychopaths can torment you, yet make everyone else think they are great! Once you have a psychopath in your life, it can be very difficult to get rid of them before they cause lifelong damage. Overcoming Toxic People teaches you the secrets of tools that psychopaths use to manipulate you, and foolproof ways to beat them once and for all.

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Women Can Be Narcissists | Clearing Misconceptions of Gender and NPD

Men I know and work with often ask me, can a woman even be a narcissist? Popular psychology has pushed the notion that narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) is primarily a male condition, but that what most people believe about narcissism is false. So, can women be narcissists? Read More →

Definition of a Nex Husband, Wife, Girlfriend, or Boyfriend

In online circles I often see people discussing their nex without defining what exactly that means. Here is a quick definition for anyone wonder exactyl what a NEX is: Read More →

Narcissist Rage Eyes | Dark Eyes, Dead Eyes, and More

Many victims of narcissists often report that their abusers have a strange or even demonic aspect to their gaze. This article will uncover evidence of the narcissist's exceptional stare and what it means to you. Read More →

How to Overcome Difficult and Uncertain Circumstances

It is a fact of life that the stronger we become, the harder we try, and the more successful we are, the more difficult circumstances we are sure to encounter. The key to dealing with difficult and unexpected events is to have a strategy to recover, flex, and grow in the face of trying times. Read More →

Do Narcissists Ever Regret Their Discards

Narcissists have a habit of quickly moving between relationships: courting, manipulating, and then discarding their prey. It is natural for those who have suffered discard to wonder if a narcissist ever regrets their decision to throw us away. Read More →

How to Say Yes to Growth

Often in my work, I encounter people that want to grow. That earnestly desire to overcome the toxic people and blockages in their life. But, they haven't learned to say YES to the things that allow them to succeed. Without this key to success, long term growth isn't possible. Read More →

Guaranteed Ways to Make a Narcissist Addicted to You

Some clients wonder why they always seem to attract narcissists. That has a lot to do with the way that you act. Whether you want a narcissist in your life, or want to learn how to get away, here are five things you do that makes narcissists addicted to you. Read More →

Ways to Not Let a Narcissist Get to You

Narcissists have an exceptional ability to push our buttons, make us mad, and draw us into their emotional drama. To live with them, heal from them, and overcome them, we must learn how not to take their bait. Here is how you react to a narcissist, so they don't get to you. Read More →

Nine Ways Narcissistic Bosses Destroy Morale

Working under a narcissistic boss is always a trial. Research has shown that while managers are more likely to be narcissists than the general population, teams run by narcissists tend to be less effective. Here are nine ways that a narcissistic boss is sabotaging your team's effectiveness and morale. Read More →

Taking Responsibility in the Face of Narcissistic Abuse

The essential action that most people miss when overcoming a narcissist is taking radical responsibility for their actions. While so many coaches, therapists, and counselors emphasize the emotional effect of what has been done to you, few leverage the power of what you can do for yourself. Read More →

The Narcissist's Prayer

The Narcissist's Prayer is a powerful message that exposes the mind of a narcissist in a clear and succinct way. Making the rounds frequently on forums and Facebook groups for victims of narcissist's, this is the narcissist's prayer and what it means. Read More →

Best Quotes about Narcissistic Parents

Fun and shareable quotes and meme text photos about narcissistic parenting. Read More →

Dealing with a Narcissist when They Pretend Nothing Happened

One common but infuriating tactic of narcissists is that they suddenly act like everything is fine after a big fight, blow up, or significant abuse on their part. How do you deal with a narcissist pretending nothing happened? Read More →

Why Narcissist Pretend to be Empaths and What to Do About It

In spiritual or new age groups, I've found there are inevitably numerous I've found there are inevitably numerous narcissists who have infiltrated the community claiming to be an empath, healer, or guru in spiritual or new-age groups. Here is how why they do this, how you recognize these false sages, and what to do about it. Read More →

How to Scare a Narcissist Away

People often ask, what can I do to scare away the narcissist in my life. Scaring a narcissist isn't very difficult if you know their weak spot. Here are four practical ways to scare away a narcissist. Read More →

Tricks for Living with a Narcissist Roommate without Going Crazy

Living with a narcissist is never an easy task. While things can start great, over time, they infringe on your personal space, cause drama, steal, or even make false accusations against you. In this article, I'll share my experience of overcoming a narcissistic roommate. Read More →

Making a Narcissist Obsessed with You

For those of us that love a narcissist and want to keep them interested, you have to throw traditional notions about romantic love and bonding out the window. None of these work with a narcissist. Instead, this is how you make a narcissist obsessed with you. Read More →

Secrets to Making a Narcissist Respect You

If you are a boss, coworker, contractor, friend, or neighbor of a narcissist, you might wonder what you can do to maintain a cordial, professional relationship with them. Narcissists don't react to people the same way that ordinary people do and require a different approach. Here is how you make a narcissist respect you. Read More →

Narcissistic Obsession with Money: Greed and Power

If you have a narcissist close to you, you have probably noticed their strange obsession with money. They might seem greedy or generous, but they use their cash against you either way. Read More →

What to Do When Your Narcissistic Neighbor is Stalking You

Narcissists make the worst neighbors when they have decided to start a vendetta against you. You may have done nothing, and there is nothing that you can say to convince them to stop tormenting you. Here is how you deal with a narcissistic neighbor who stalks you. Read More →

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