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Narcissist Ex (NEX)

Definition of a Nex Husband, Wife, Girlfriend, or Boyfriend

In online circles I often see people discussing their “nex” without defining what exactly that means. Here is a quick definition for anyone wonder exactyl what a NEX is:

A “nex” is a narcissistic-ex. Usually this refers to a significant other who the speaker believes is a narcissist. Most often this term is used to refere to old romantic relationships, rather than family or work relationships.

Narcissistic Ex-Husband

Probably the most common usage of nex is to refer to a narcissist ex husband who the victim has either devorced on is in the process of divorcing.

Some examples of this usage include —

Btw, see Do Narcissists Ever Regret Their Discards for an answer to that last question.

For more information on dealing with a narcissistic husband, see —

Narcissistic Ex-Wife

Narcissist ex-wife is another common usage of the term “nex”.

Some examples of this usage include —

Often men have difficulty realizing that their wife or ex-wife was a narcissist. It seems that men have more difficulty in this regard than women on average, which leads to the term nex to be used less often among men to refer to their wives.

Resources for men with a narcissistic ex or who think they might be married to a narcissist —

Narcissistic Ex-Boyfriend or Ex-Girlfriend

Less commonly, people will use the term nex to refer to a narcissist ex- boyfriend or girlfriend.

Some examples of this usage include —