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Narcissists and Karma

Narcissistic Karma | When Do You Get Justice or Revenge

Narcissists always seem to come out of bad situations without remorse or punishment for their abuse. Why doesn’t their karma catch up with them? After spending hundreds of hours researching the origins of narcissism and working with victims of narcissists, I think I found the link between narcissism and karma.

Do Narcissists Have Bad Karma?

In my opinion, narcissism is a symptom of bad karma. Narcissists fill their life with drama, victimhood, and oppression. While they have an external aura of success and happiness, this is a falsehood that they propagate, and it does not represent who they are inside.

Unfortunately, many narcissists grew up in troubled households. If you have a religious belief in karma, you may assert that this is because of bad karma from previous lives or spiritual existences.

In any case, the narcissist suffers from a lack of self-worth and self-esteem which drives them to be the perpetrator of narcissistic manipulating in order to get their “narcissistic supply.” These are psychological wins which soother their internal hurts.

This destroys their family, relationships, friendships, professional relations, and negatively affects their entire lives. They have created a hell on Earth in order to act out their dominance obsession.

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Why Don’t Narcissists Pay for Their Abuse?

There are several reasons narcissists seem to never pay for what they’ve done, although it all comes down to the fact that they are skilled illusionists with little sense of right and wrong —

Really, the narcissist is paying for their abuse every moment of their life, because they completely miss out on healthy and meaningful relationships with other people. A narcissist experiences more loneliness than the majority can even comprehend, because they are alone in their own little world. Yet, they may not be able to admit or even realize that this is the source of their suffering.

When Do Narcissists Get Served with Justice?

Perhaps the narcissistic existential suffering seems like too little recompense for their actions. Is it true that narcissists completely escape justice?

While narcissists are more likely to commit and be convicted of crimes, there is no guarantee that that they will get what is coming to them.

If you are waiting for a narcissist to be served with any form of Earthly justice, then you may be waiting a very long time. This is just a fact of life and a consequence of how society functions.

The best thing you can do is look out for yourself, build the life that you want to have, and let the narcissist take care of them self. If you believe in God or a higher power, let them take care of the punishing the narcissist in their own time. Release any resentment you have, and commit yourself to living your own highest purpose unfettered by the demonic torments of narcissistic rage and suffering.

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Are Narcissists Suffering Because of What They Do?

Narcissists in general have little remorse for the lies they tell and abuses they commit. In a psychological point of view, they have a deficiency which makes them lack common empathetic responses found in most humans.

For the majority of us, when someone around us hurts, we hurt also. This makes us feel bad for the wrongs that we do. And, we are naturally inclined to treat people around us rightly and fairly (although we might not do so all the time).

Because narcissists didn’t develop this emotional guide to help them, they don’t feel suffering, or to a much lesser degree, when they hurt others.

However, as I described above, this emotional lack is caused in part by childhood trauma and an ongoing emotional wound which causes them constant suffering. So, while a narcissist doesn’t suffer because of what they do, they do what they do because of their suffering.

How Do You Get Revenge on a Narcissist?

When we are hurt by narcissists, a natural response is to seek revenge. We want to hurt them in the same way that they hurt us.

However, succumbing to this urge in many ways furthers the objectives of the narcissist. Many forms of narcissistic manipulation seek to get under our skin, and make us feel weak, lonely, and scared. The narcissist wants to control the way we think through the way we feel.

To do this, the narcissist build an artificial fantasy world around them full of drama — heros, victims, and oppressors. They entice victims like you to play a role in this world, to make their fantasy a reality.

By the time that we realize what the narcissist is doing, and we come to hate them for it, they are casting us as their oppressor. They are turning the tables on us, and hoping we play along.

Every act of revenge against a narcissist just further cements their hold over our psyche, and forfeits our conscious over to their mad game.

As a victim of a narcissist, the ultimate revenge is to

Forgiveness, compassion, and love are the antidotes to narcissism and abuse. For more details on how love overcomes all evil, see —

Am I Attracting Narcissists because of Bad Karma?

You may be wondering if you are part of the problem. Why do you keep dating narcissists?

While there are some theories of karma that seem to indicate that you have to “burn it off” through suffering, I have also read old teachings that indicate karma can be destroyed in an instant through enlightenment.

Spiritual and religious teachers may have different views, but from what I’ve seen, the moment you realize what a narcissist is and how to spot them, you have the potential to be free from them. I don’t believe that you must have so many years in a narcissistic relationships to earn your way out of abuse. But, some people still end up going back.

You will keep going back to narcissists only as you crave that experience.

While no one would consciously sign up for narcissistic abuse, many people unconsciously find themselves attracted to these people. But we can overcome this urge through introspection and self development. The more we work on ourselves, the better partners, friends, and business associates we attract to ourselves.

Do narcissists get karma?

Narcissists attract bad karma in a spiritual sense because they commit abuses which are not righteous, initiating a “cause and effect.” In a practical sense, narcissists build for themselves a living hell and must inhabit a world of lies which is spawned from their own wounded subconsciousness.

Do narcissists reap what they sow?

Narcissists rarely seem to “pay” for what they have done, because they are good at presenting a false image of themselves and are good at getting out of trouble. But, everyone’s actions have effects which they have to answer for. Most narcissists have deep seated emotional issues which torment them constantly and is a form of payback for how they act.