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Know It All Narcissist

Telling Between a Narcissist and Know It All

We all know people who are too smart for their own good, and need to show everyone just how much they know. But, are these know-it-alls people dangerous narcissists?

While narcissists are more likely to be know-it-alls than your average person, not all narcissists have this tendency. And, not all know-it-alls are narcissists.

Are All Narcissists Know-It-Alls?

One personality trait that defines narcissists is that they love to be right. This make them more likely to —

However, many narcissists avoid putting themselves in to a position where they can be proven wrong. In particular, many narcissists avoid taking positions of factual issues that have a right or wrong answer. This is particularly true of covert narcissists and other forms introverted narcissists:

Many narcissists gravitate to jobs such as medicine, law, education, or politics, where they can accumulate special knowledge. And, climb an authority hierarchy where their opinions can be expressed as facts when backed up by their title or position.

Are All Know-It-Alls Usually Narcissists?

Many know-it-alls are not narcissists. A wide variety of personality types fall in to overly intellectual behaviors, which makes them seem like a know it all. For instance:

Hermoine Granger, the classic know-it-all girl from Harry Potter, would not be a narcissist for instance.

In order to be a narcissist, you must exhibit other traits of narcissism, including —

For more help spotting a narcissist in your life, check out my article —

How to Overcome Know-It-All Narcissists

If you truly have a narcissist that has to show off just how smart they are, here are a few things you can do to help deal with them —

I find that the best thing you can do is give your know-it-all narcissist a way they can be smart without annoying you. Narcissists are driven to be the best, and can be a powerful asset if you let them be.

When they do overstep their bounds, don’t give them the attention — either positive or negative — that they desire. This will train the narcissist not to continue with the behavior. This is most effective when you can hint to them what behavior you would prefer, and rewarding them with the attention they seek when they act in the way.