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Narcissistic Insults

Narcissistic Insults | 10 Most Common Examples

Narcissists are adept at using insults to hurt you and get their way. I’ve experienced more than my fair share of narcissistic insults in my time. Here are the 10 most common types of narcissistic insults that I have encountered, and what to do about them.

You Don’t Measure Up to Me

Narcissist absolutely love to insult people by comparing them — unfavorably — to themselves.

Some examples of this might be —

The Backhanded Insult

The backhanded insult is a complement on its face, but really a cutting insult at its core.

Some examples of a backhanded insult are —

The “Better than I Expected” Insult

This form of insult implies that you don’t usually do very well, and that this time you is an anomaly.

Some examples of a better than I expected insult are —

Over-the-Top Boredom

One way that a narcissist will insult you is by being comically bored or uninterested by what you have to offer them. They are more likely to use this when you are speaking, and they are not the center of attention as they wish they could be.

Some examples of a boredom based insult are —

This form of insult may also be primarily or only body language based:


Narcissists will also signal their superiority by being fed up with just how dumb you are. This form of insult centers around them judging you indirectly by fixating on how you should be faster than you are.

Some examples of impatience based insults include —

Physical signs of impatience might include —

Ignoring or Giving the Cold Shoulder

One very common form of insult is when a narcissist gives you the cold shoulder. While shunning is not always a form of insult, when a narcissist uses it, it is almost always used as a form of dominance and public shaming.

A narcissist uses the silent treatment to show everyone just how 1) dominant they are 2) how worthless you are 3) as a warning not to mess with them.

I’ve written in depth about how narcissists employ the cold shoulder at work, and what to do about it here —

Feigned Disgust

The reflex for disgust is a powerful subconscious signal that narcissists use to insult and degrade you. True disgust almost always has a connection with lack of hygiene, propensity for disease, or food variety. However, at times disgust can be linked with race or cultural origin, piggybacking on the core subconscious issues.

Because disgust leverages a deeper psychological reflex than many other forms of insult, it can be very powerful.

Some examples of feigned disgust are —

Direct Rejection

Another powerful insult used by narcissists is the direct rejection. Direct rejection insults are where the narcissist states to your face that you just don’t meet their standards. That you aren’t good enough, and are embarrassing to be around.

Some examples of direct rejection include —

Exaggerated Success

When a narcissist is being passive aggressive, and wants to insult you while trying to seem like you friend, they may pull out the over exaggerated praise.

This form of narcissistic insult makes you seem bad because they are giving you so much attention for something that isn’t really that special. Like you might praise a child or some with mental disabilities when they accomplish a very ordinary task.

Examples of exaggerated success include —


A narcissist may also mock or make fun you as a way of getting under your skin. This may take the form of:

They will often try to pass their insults off a just harmless fun. Or make it seem like you are being up tight.

How to Deal with Narcissistic Insults

The best way to deal with narcissistic insults is to not react. When they realize you are a boring target, and don’t provide the drama they crave, they will move on to other victims. Also, you need to develop appropriate boundaries and attempt to remove yourself from situations where a narcissist is likely to attack you.

For more information and one-on-one coaching to help you overcome narcissists in your life, see the following link: