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How to Annoy a Narcissistic Person | 16 Ways to Make Them Mad

Sometimes, it’s nice to be able to get under a narcissist’s skin. Luckily, pissing off a narcissist is easy if you know what makes them angry. Here are 16 ways to annoy a narcissist.

Call Out Their Lies

Narcissists lie all the time. They will fib about little things just as much as they will tell big whoppers in order to get ahead.

If you keep your eyes open, you should have no problem noticing times when they aren’t telling the truth.

To annoy a narcissist, whenever you notice they are being dishonest, call them out on it immediately. They will probably demand you justify yourself or call you a liar, but just hold you ground. This will annoy them to no end.

For more info on how narcissists lie, see:

Make Them Wait for You

Narcissists are the center of their own world, and hate being made to wait.

Are you planning to meet? Be 10 minutes late. Do they need you help? Tell them you will get to it after you are done with that you are currently working on. Are they coming in to a conversation? Ignore them until you are done speaking.

Set and Hold Your Boundaries

Decide for yourself exactly what is and isn’t acceptable in your relationship with the narcissist. If you are reading this article, you probably have already noticed things that they do that you don’t like.

Whenever they cross the boundaries you set for them, call them out on it. While you can’t expect them to change because of the rules you set, the fact that you are noticing and exposing their bad behavior annoys narcissists to no end.

Don’t Take the Bait when They Fish for Compliments

Narcissists love to hear how great they are, and are adept at fishing for compliments. Annoy them by refusing to give them any compliments at all.

Even better, when they do something worth complimenting, give that compliment to somebody else instead, in front of their face.

Hold Your Ground when They Try to Walk All over You

The more time you spend with a narcissist, the more they will try to dominate you by taking over every decision they can. At first it may seem reasonable, but if you pay attention you will see that they try to push you in little ways to slowly strip you of your autonomy.

Once you make up your mind, to not change it on the insistence of the narcissist. When they see their influence over you evaporate, they will grow scared and angry at your independence.

Take Your Time Returning Their Calls or Texts

Self explanatory. Ghosting a narcissist will piss them off, just as with most people.

Compliment Another Person in Front of Them

Narcissists love being better than everyone else. So, don’t let them have that.

Annoy a narcissist by pointing out the good points of everyone except for them. This makes them feel vulnerable and will probably cause them to work double time justifying how great they are while trying to make everyone else look bad.

Make Them Ask Bluntly for Everything They Want

In many social situations, narcissists have a way of asking for and getting what they want without directly stating it. This makes them look less demanding than they really are.

Annoy a narcissist by refusing to understand their requests unless they point-blank ask you for something.

Just say “No”

The word “no” makes a narcissist red in the face. Easy to enact, but use with care. With great power comes great responsibility.

Treat Them as If They are Nothing Special

Whenever a narcissist talks themselves up, act bored, say “anybody could have don that,” or change the topic. This seriously annoys a narcissist who thrives on the narcissistic supply they get from looking good in other people’ eyes.

When They Give You the “Cold Shoulder,” Pretend Like Nothing is Going On

When the narcissist tries to get back at you by ignoring you, just do the same to them. The trick is to make it look natural, like them shunning you isn’t a problem at all.

I’ve discussed how to do this in detail in the following articles:

Don’t Answer Personal Questions

Narcissist use personal information about you as a means of control. And, it really annoys them when you don’t respond with personal answers.

Instead of answering personal questions directly, try:

Make Their Insults in to Jokes

One way that narcissists try to control people is through “jokes” or “compliments” that are not so subtle jabs in the ribs. Take away the narcissist’s power by taking their jokes at face value.

Pretend like what they are saying is extremely funny, and not hurtful in anyway. Refuse to take offense or notice their transgression, no matter how blatant or rude they become.

Don’t Make the Narcissist the Center of Attention

Keep the narcissist out of the limelight. Whenever they try to make themselves to the center of attention, immediately refocus to someone or something else.

They will probably resort to misbehavior at some point to regain attention. Negative attention is preferable to no attention. When this happens don’t raise to their bait. Either ignore what they have done, recast it in a positive light, or cut them out of the group.

Be Happy When They Flake Out on You

A common way narcissist control people who are annoying them is to break dates and evade promises. Seriously annoy them by being happy when they do it.

When they call to cancel an appointment say, “Great! I’m swamped anyway,” or, “I was hoping to be able to spend time with my friend…” Make it seem like spending time with them was a burden to you. And, you’d rather be free of their presence.

Defend Other People Who the Narcissist Talks Down To

When you hear a narcissist put down another person, immediately come to their defense. I have personally used this technique to annoy a narcissistic boss to no end, and I’m sure it will work for you as well.

How do you humiliate a narcissist?

Narcissists contently feel that they aren’t “good enough,” are are humiliated when these fears come to light. Whenever they claim is the best part of themselves — their looks, their success, their friends, etc — is almost always their week point.

How do you disarm a narcissist?

When you expose their lies and manipulation tactics you completely disarm a narcissist. Their abuse tactics only work when you believe what they say, and don’t work at all if you have a firm grasp of the truth.

How do you become strong against a narcissist?

To regain you strength in front of a narcissist, take time away from their deceptions and seek out competent coaching or support. Rebuild your perception of reality, and develop techniques to use when the narcissist attempts manipulation. Call out their lies whenever you notice them.