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Building a Professional Reiki Practice Serving Victims of Toxic People

Energy healing for victims of narcissist, sociopath, psychopaths, and other toxic people is a market that as huge potential for Reiki practitioners. In this article I will be sharing five quick tips on how to establish a successful professional business serving victims of toxic people. Read More →

Working Successfully with a Narcissistic Business Client

In business, we can't always choose the clients that we serve. Providing services to a narcissist is never easy. But since the rate of narcissism increases as you go up corporate hierarchies, all successful business will run in to a narcissistic client at some point. Here are nine tips to develop a successful working relationship with a narcissistic client. Read More →

Managing a Narcissistic Subordinate without Exposing Yourself

Narcissistic employees are a challenge to motivate, and often present a professional risk to their supervisors. From my experience managing narcissists and executive coaching clients with narcissistic employees, here is how you deal with a narcissistic subordinate directly. Read More →

Narcissistic Liars & How They Use Lies to Control You

Many victims of narcissists who tell me their story wonder if anything their narcissist is actually true. Let me share with you the real truth about narcissistic liars. Read More →

Catchphrases Used by Narcissists | Real Life Examples from Victims

Narcissists all tend to say the same kinds things. These are their catchphrases that the develop to protect themselves and push their agenda. Overtime I have collected this list of common phrases the me and my clients have heard from narcissists in our lives. Read More →

How to Checkmate a Narcissist and Stop Them in Their Tracks

Are you ready to put a narcissist in their place and stop their endless head games? I've dealt with numerous abusive narcissists over the years. And, here are nine of the most effective ways I've found to shutdown a narcissist. Read More →

Most Common Examples of a Narcissistic Employee

Narcissists in the workplace take a multitude of roles. Here are nine of the most common types of people who you may not have realize are narcissists. Read More →

Surviving a Narcissistic Korean Mother | Beating Helicopter Parenting

Korean mothers are renowned for their strict discipline and the relentless way they drive their children to succeed. Many children report long term trauma because of this helicopter parenting style. But, how do you know if you Korean mother is actually a narcissist, and what do you do about it? Read More →

The Secret to Supervising a Narcissistic Employee

When you have a narcissist employee under your supervision, it is a tricky dance that you have to do, to get the best out of them. I have seen that narcissists can be the best employees on your team, or the worst, depending on how you manage them. Here is my secret to supervising narcissistic employees. Read More →

Telling Between a Narcissist and Know It All

We all know people who are too smart for their own good, and need to show everyone just how much they know. But, are these know-it-alls people dangerous narcissists? Read More →

List of Narcissistic (Serial) Killers

While we attribute many heinous crimes to psychopaths, researchers have found many such killers to exhibit traits of narcissistic personality disorder as well. Here are some of the most famous murderers, serial killer, and mass homicides attributed to be a known narcissist. Read More →

The 11 Jobs Preferred by Narcissists | Be Careful of These Professions

One of the reasons I spend so much time teaching clients how to overcome narcissism, is because narcissists tend to gravitate toward key professions, where they can do the most damage. Here are 11 of the jobs most likely jobs to be held by a narcissist. Read More →

Living with a Jealous Narcissistic Sister

All narcissistic sisters are jealous of their sibling, especial other girls, and try to make their life a living hell. Worst of all, they try to make you think you are crazy for feeling that they are attacking your. Here are nine signs that your of a jealous narcissist sister to deal with. Read More →

Narcissistic Family Structures | Identifying and Overcoming Toxic Families

When we are part of a narcissist family, it can be hard to tell that what we are experiencing isn't normal. Narcissist parents create a family structure that keeps us helpless and feeling like we are the problem. Here is what defines a narcissistic family structure. Read More →

How to Cope with Narcissist Employees | Managing Difficult Personalities

Managing a narcissistic employee can be both difficult to get right and extremely rewarding. But, if you give them too much leeway, they can cause endless troubles in the workplace. Here are nine tips for coping with narcissistic employee, and our 5 step method for making a narcissist your all-star employee. Read More →

Narcissistic Insults | 10 Most Common Examples

Narcissists are adept at using insults to hurt you and get their way. I've experienced more than my fair share of narcissistic insults in my time. Here are the 10 most common types of narcissistic insults that I have encountered, and what to do about them. Read More →

Why All Narcissists are Hypocrites

Narcissists can be astoundingly hypocritical. Narcissists I have dealt with in my life just blow me away with how they can say one thing, and then do another with absolutely no regret or embarrassment. That's why I've written this article to help clients overcome narcissistic hypocrisy. Read More →

The Narcissistic Father Test | A 15 Point Checklist for Identification

Have you ever wondered if your dad is a narcissist? Many clients wonder if their dad truly has a problem, or if they are just imagining things. That's why I developed this bullet proof test. Here is your checklist to identify a narcissistic dad: Read More →

How Narcissists Use Their Stare to Control You

If you are around a narcissist long enough, you will eventually experience the narcissistic stare. This is an extremely unsettling gaze that I didn't quite understand the first time I saw it. Let me fill you in what I've come to learn about this stare of death. Read More →

Why Narcissists Always Have to Be the Hero

Is someone you know pretending they have military service, public service, or a medical career that you know is false? Does someone create disasters only to come and sweep them up. You may have a narcissist with a hero complex on you hands. Read More →

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