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Triangulation in Narcissistic Families

Triangulation is a tactic used by narcissist family members to devastating effect. I've seen how harmful it can be in relationships between mothers, fathers, brothers, and sisters. Let's talk about triangulation abuse when you have a narcissistic family member. Read More →

Narcissistic Karma | When Do You Get Justice or Revenge

Narcissists always seem to come out of bad situations without remorse or punishment for their abuse. Why doesn't their karma catch up with them? After spending hundreds of hours researching the origins of narcissism and working with victims of narcissists, I think I found the link between narcissism and karma. Read More →

Coaching Narcissistic Employees | Effective Methods and What to Avoid

Coaching a narcissist employee is a difficult task because they find it difficult to accept and act on well meaning advice. But, they can also be your most valuable employee, well worth the effort to learn how to mentor them effectively. Let me share with you my experience effectively coaching narcissist employees. Read More →

What Everyone Gets Wrong About Managing a Narcissistic Employee

Narcissist employees have a way of making themselves very useful if not indispensable to an organization. Having managed narcissists in the past, I've seen them practically take over organizations, where management isn't wary of the games they play. So, how do you manage a narcissistic employee? Read More →

9 Ways Your Narcissist Coworker is Sabotaging You

Narcissistic coworkers sabotage you in many subtle yet effective ways. You may not even realize that they are hurting your career, until it is too late, unless you know what to look for. Here are nine ways I've seen narcissists sabotage their coworkers in both my experience and stories I've heard from clients. Read More →

How to Deal with Narcissistic Coworkers

Working with a narcissistic can make your work life terrible with their constant manipulation, back stabbing, and seeking out ways to take you down. Here are the best ways to counter a narcissist at work Read More →

Triangulation and the Narcissistic Boss | How They Lie and Get Away with It

Triangulation is one of the favorite tactics of a narcissistic boss, which they use to confuse and control their employees. In my time, I've seen triangulation used to devastating effect multiple times. Are you experiencing narcissistic triangulation at work? Here is how you deal with it. Read More →

Top 10 Tactics Used by a Narcissist Boss

Working for a narcissist boss is never easy. I spent many years working for narcissist bosses, before I realized the harm that they were doing. Here are 9 tactics that I've seen used by narcissist bosses to control their employees. Read More →

Why Are Narcissist Jezebels | Bible Stories, Spirits, and Historic Narcs

Ancient symbol of corrupt femininity and evil influence, Jezebel is a biblical character that many consider to be the archetype of narcissism. Does the spirit of Jezebel inhabit modern day narcissistic women? Read More →

What is Narcissistic Justification | Spot Excuses from a Narcissist Liar

To victims of narcissists, it may seem crazy how they are able to constantly provide excuses their their behavior. But, narcissistic justification follows a consistent pattern that once you know you can use to your advantage. Here are seven justifications used by narcissists. Read More →

When Your Narcissist Boss is Giving You the Silent Treatment

When you are an employee of a narcissist boss, being given the silent treatment is a terrifying thing. Stone walling, the cold shoulder, no matter what you call it, it is a form of narcissistic manipulation. Here is what you need to know when your boss is ignoring you. Read More →

Escaping Narcissistic Christian Leadership | At Work and at Church

Narcissist gravitate to positions of power, and christian church leadership is no exception. While we like to think of pastors, preacher, priests, and elders as doing the work of god, some are putting themselves before God. Here is how you identify and escape narcissistic church leadership. Read More →

Why Narcissists Get a Second Marriage

Narcissists frequently have divorces and get remarried? Why would a narcissist do this. Can you expect them to get better? Here is how a narcissist handles a remarriage. Read More →

Help! My Mother-in-Law is a Christian Narcissist | Save the Relationship

No one's in-laws are perfect, but there is almost nothing worse than a narcissistic christian mother in law. In my experience they seem like such nice people on the outside. But as you get to know them, the depths of their psychological manipulation have no bounds. Here is how you deal with a christian narcissist mother-in-law. Read More →

Why You Narcissist Coworker Is Ignoring You & What To Do About It

The silent treatment is a tactic of control and manipulation used by narcissistic coworkers in order to dominate you. Here's what it means when a narcissistic worker ignores you, and what to do about it. Read More →

Directory of Christian Counseling for Narcissists and Victims

Looking for help overcoming a narcissist or narcissism in your life? I've accumulated the largest directory of places to get help, including in person christian counseling and online christian counseling. Read More →

Dealing with a Narcissistic Christian Mother | Beating Toxic Religion

Those raised in a toxic household under the rule of a narcissistic christian mother had a particularly difficult childhood experience. Because religious narcissists have somewhat different traits than non-religious varieties, I'll explain here how to deal with a christian narcissist mother. Read More →

Understanding the Narcissistic Cycle of Abuse | Breaking the Chain

Abusive narcissists follow a predictable pattern of emotional states. Understanding these ups and downs is key to overcoming narcissistic abuse and short circuiting thee the narcissistic abuse cycle. Read More →

So Your Boss is a Christian Narcissist | Overcome Weaponized Religion

Christian narcissists are difficult to work for because they see themselves as saviors of everyone around them, but in actually cause endless trouble. If you think you have narcissistic christian boss on your hands, here is how you deal with them. Read More →

How to Discipline a Narcissistic Employee | On Leading Narcissists

Narcissists are notoriously difficult to manage, yet tend to be star employees. Disciplining a narcissist using typical management methods will often not have the desired corrective effect, and may cause the narcissist to poison the work environment. Here is how you discipline a narcissist effectively. Read More →

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