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Narcissist Boss Love Bombing | How to Spot It and Combat A Narcissist

Love bombing is a common manipulation tactic that I have experienced from narcissistic bosses as a means of controlling workers. When we think of narcissists, most people don't associate over the top praise, and so this portent technique goes unnoticed. Here is how you spot and counter love bombing from your narcissistic boss. Read More →

When Your Parent is a Borderline Narcissistic | Signs and Impact

A particularly potent combination of psychological traits is the borderline narcissistic parent. There isn't much material out there on how to deal with a mother or father with both conditions, which is why I thought it was important to explain how to overcame borderline narcissistic parents --- Read More →

How to Deal with Toxic Family Members during the Holidays

There is no family so perfect that not even one person is a toxic cloud that rains discord and strife down on the family during the holidays. Whether there is just one narcissist, psychopath, habitual liar, or other toxic person in your family --- or even if you are the only sane one -- this is how you deal with a toxic family during the holidays. Read More →

Signs Your Narcissist Boss Is Abusing You | & What To Do About It

Narcissistic bosses are everywhere, and with the majority of CEOs having narcissistic traits, they will likely still be there for years to come. Here are 16 signs of narcissistic boss abuse, and what to do about them --- Read More →

What to Do with a Narcissistic Christian Husband | Love Overcomes Evil

Narcissistic husbands can be easy to love early in the relationships, being --- extroverted, externally self-confident, and socially adept. The challenge is to love them through all of their faults. Here is how you maintain a relationship with a christian narcissistic husband --- Read More →

Overcoming Damage Due to Narcissistic Christian Counseling

Christian counseling is a mix between religious and secular counseling the brings in a God-centered point of view. However, if you are unlucky enough to have a run in with a narcissistic christian counselor, you are likely to come out of therapy more damaged than when you started. Here is how you overcome narcissistic christian counseling. Read More →

The Gaslighting Narcissistic Boss Employee's Survival Guide

Narcissistic bosses are always difficult to deal with, and one of their most effective tactics is gaslighting. Where they make you think you are going crazy and try to make you question reality. Here is how you deal with a gaslighting narcissistic boss --- Read More →

Firing a Narcissistic Employee | Protecting Yourself and Your Business

Firing a narcissist is a pivotal but potential dangerous process for any business. Having seen how much damage a narcissist can do on the way out of a position, I've acculturated all the information available on firing a narcissist in to this article. Read More →

For Victims of Narcissistic Christian Parenting | Learning to Love Again

For those of us born in to a narcissistic christian household, it can particularly difficult to recover from narcissistic parental abuse. Interweaving of narcissistic cooping and religious teachings make it difficult to know what is real and what is imagination. This is how you deal with a narcissistic christian parent. Read More →

Best Quotes About Narcissistic Bosses

Working for a narcissistic boss can get anyone down. Here are some of the best quotes on the net, that always make me feel better after I look at them. Read More →

How to Manipulate a Narcissistic Boss | Antinarcissism Employee Tactics

For many years, I worked directly with a narcissistic boss who made my life heck. Eventually, I developed these techniques to overcome his narcissistic personality. Here is how I manipulated my narcissistic boss. Read More →

12 Signs of A Vulnerable Narcissist | Spot Them Before They Harm You

In my time working with victims of toxic people, I have found the vulnerable narcissist to be by far the most difficult to spot. Because they hide it so well, vulnerable narcissists can be hard to deal with. Here are nine ways you can spot a vulnerable narcissist in you midst. Read More →

How to Overcome a Narcissistic Boss

When I first worked for a narcissistic boss, their destructive tendencies came as a shock. It was a struggle to learn how to work with them, but I was eventually able to succeed in that business, and make my way to a better work environment. These are the three techniques that I used to overcome toxic leadership. Read More →

What Makes Somebody a Psychopath

Yesterday, I came across an amazing summary of what traits come together to make a psychopathic personality. Many of them are quite surprising, yet they shed so much light on what makes a psychopath tick that I had to share it with you. This is what makes a psychopath tick --- Read More →

Psychopaths: Born or Made? | The Surprising Origins of Evil

Everyone is shocked the first time they encounter a true psychopath in their lives. I know I was concerned, and questioned where there evil comes from. In my research, I found a surprising fact about psychopaths. Read More →

Dealing With a Judgmental Narcissist | Everyday Signs of Passive Aggression

In my experience narcissists very frequently use judgment as a weapon. Knowing the difference between honest criticism and aggressive, but veiled, judgment from narcissist parents, family, romantic partners, and coworkers is essential to overcoming. Here is how you overcome judgmental narcissists. Read More →

Are Psychopaths and Narcissists Really Refusing to Wear Face Masks?

Does refusing to wear a face mask make someone a narcissist? Or a psychopath? With recent research in the news let's take a look at what the sensationalists won't tell you. And, what it really means to be around toxic people in medical crisis. Read More →

15 Fake Apologies Used By Narcissists

Narcissists are rarely, if ever, able to acknowledge when they have done wrong by others. While everyone makes mistakes sometimes, narcissists are compelled to use strategies to mask their guilt, and shift the blame to others. Here are 15 fake apologies I've seen used by narcissists, along with examples of each: Read More →

What is Anti Social Behavior? | Identifying Antisocial People

In popular culture, we hear a lot about antisocial people, and there are certainly many dictionary definitions out there. Bet here is what it means to have have an antisocial people in our life, from direct experience: Read More →

There Is No Evil So Great That Love Cannot Overcome It

Today, I would like to talk about how to overcome the evil people in your life. Many times, toxic people around us can seem so overwhelming, that we have no hope of living through their toxicity. But, there is one truth we can use to guide us through even the darkest times. Read More →

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