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Overcoming Difficult Circumstances

How to Overcome Difficult and Uncertain Circumstances

It is a fact of life that the stronger we become, the harder we try, and the more successful we are, the more difficult circumstances we are sure to encounter. The key to dealing with difficult and unexpected events is to have a strategy to recover, flex, and grow in the face of trying times.Read More →

How to Say Yes to Growth

How to Say Yes to Growth

Often in my work, I encounter people that want to grow. That earnestly desire to overcome the toxic people and blockages in their life. But, they haven't learned to say YES to the things that allow them to succeed. Without this key to success, long term growth isn't possible.Read More →

Reiki Healing for Victims of Narcissists Psychopaths and Sociopaths

Building a Professional Reiki Practice Serving Victims of Toxic People

Energy healing for victims of narcissist, sociopath, psychopaths, and other toxic people is a market that as huge potential for Reiki practitioners. In this article I will be sharing five quick tips on how to establish a successful professional business serving victims of toxic people.Read More →

Dealing With Toxic Family Members During The Holidays

How to Deal with Toxic Family Members during the Holidays

There is no family so perfect that not even one person is a toxic cloud that rains discord and strife down on the family during the holidays. Whether there is just one narcissist, psychopath, habitual liar, or other toxic person in your family --- or even if you are the only sane one -- this is how you deal with a toxic family during the holidays.Read More →

There Is No Evil So Great That Love Cannot Overcome It

There Is No Evil So Great That Love Cannot Overcome It

Today, I would like to talk about how to overcome the evil people in your life. Many times, toxic people around us can seem so overwhelming, that we have no hope of living through their toxicity. But, there is one truth we can use to guide us through even the darkest times.Read More →

Definition of a Toxic Person

Definition of a Toxic Person | People You Definitely Know and Why They’re a Problem

Everyone will inevitably encounter toxic people in their lives, but the trick is knowing who they are and minimizing the amount of damage they are able to cause. But, knowing what to look for can give you a big advantage. Here is how to spot a toxic person:Read More →

Habitual Liar

What is a Habitual Liar | Are Habitual Liars Compulsive Liars?

Habitual liars can be found everywhere, and are not the same as compulsive liars. You probably know at least one habitual liar right now, that you may not be aware of. This is the definition of a habitual liar:Read More →

How to Tell A Compulsive Liar

Why Compulsive Liars are Not the Same as Pathological Liars

In my life, and working with clients I coach, I have encountered both compulsive liars and pathological liars. They may seem the same, but their motivation and the way that you deal with them can be quite different. Here's how you tell a compulsive liar:Read More →

A Toxic Person

Toxic People and What to Do About Them

Toxic people are everywhere, and if left unchecked they can have serious negative consequences in our lives. It took me years to identify the different types that we all encounter. Here is how to identify toxic people around you, and what do about them when you find them.Read More →